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Blogathon 2013 wraps! The Writer’s Clinic Wordle

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Why writing about food is so much fun

Day 20 of Blogathon 2013 I admit it. I’m a foodie   (Which makes being on Weight Watchers a bit of a challenge, but that’s another story.) For foodies, food is fascination. Fun. Foodies aren’t as stuffy as epicures or gastronomes, and though we appreciate haute cuisine, a good juicy burger is terrific too. Foodies readContinue Reading

Why bloggers don’t have to read readers’ minds

Day 12 of Blogathon 2013 A few days ago, blogging superstar Jon Morrow tweeted: “Our job as bloggers isn’t saying what we think but putting what our readers think into words as if we’re mind readers.” I’m a huge admirer of his Jon’s and I’m hardly the only one. He has 22,848 Twitter Followers andContinue Reading

Sex, nudity . . . and blogging??

 Day 11 of Blogathon 2013   Saga fan that I am, I’ve read all five of G. R.R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” novels and loved them. Can’t wait for the next one. But I can’t take “Game of Thrones” on HBO.  It’s not the boobs and the butts that bother me or evenContinue Reading

One marathoner’s, and one city’s, grit

  I’m not a runner. But for several reasons, the Boston Marathon holds a special place in my heart. Back when I lived on Commonwealth Avenue in Brookline, I watched Johnny Kelly go by.  In Boston, Johnny Kelly was a legend. Over his lifetime he ran 61 Boston Marathons and won two of them. By theContinue Reading

Want readers? Be willing to make enemies

Come here a minute; I have something personal to ask you. How many friends do you have? Oxford anthropologist Robin Dunbar says most of us have 150 friends, give or take. Those 150 people include your family, your close friends, and some of your friends’ friends. Why 150? Dunbar found that in county after county,Continue Reading

Are blogging boot camps a waste of time?

Want to lost weight? Get six-pack abs? Excel at Pilates or zumba? Learn to make a beurre blanc? Sign up for a boot camp. There are boot camps (and their close relatives, webinars) for everything these days, including how to  become a better writer or blogger. Zen Habits Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch offer “A-ListContinue Reading