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Why you should have a dog-on-the-roof story

Do you have a signature story? Something that makes people open your posts, listen to you speak, read your articles? I know a little boy who does. Yesterday I was watching a hummingbird drink from a feeder with 3-year-old Tucker, who lives across the street. Suddenly Tucker said, “Do you know why hummingbirds hum?” “IContinue Reading

How (and why!) to write a 6-word story

Have you ever written a 6-word story? A few months ago, Dutch freelancer Peter van der Stoep of LinkedIn‘s Freelance Writers Connection invited members to do just that. Hundreds of people have taken him up on the invitation.  More than 550 have Favorited the project on Facebook. A lot of the submissions are fun. ButContinue Reading

6 ways Trader Joe’s can make you a better blogger

If you live on either coast of the U.S. and buy food, chances are you’ve been to Trader Joe’s. If you have, you’re probably a regular. And if you’re a regular,  you probably enjoy shopping there; their stores are just plain cool. But did you ever think Trader Joe’s could make you a better blogger?Continue Reading

Shel Silverstein on how to write damned near anything

Yesterday was Shel Silverstein’s birthday. Never heard of Shel Silverstein? If you have children, you might have read them his “The Giving Tree,”  “Falling Up,” or “Where the Sidewalk Ends.” But Silverstein did a lot more than write and illustrate children’s books. A Renaissance Man He was a cartoonist. He wrote screenplays. Short stories. Songs.Continue Reading

What Writers Can Learn From Freak Shows

What does the old-time freak show have to teach about writing? Step right up , ladies and gentlemen, and let’s find out. (But don’t get sidetracked too long in that link; it’s a winner.) Unless you’re very old, the only place  you’ve ever seen a freak show is in Westerns. Audiences would pay to stareContinue Reading