Wit and wisdom for wordsmiths


If you’re a specialist in science, medicine or information technology, I’ll bet you’re perfectly comfortable writing for scientific journals or talking with your peers.

You’re probably not so comfortable talking to a general audience — especially making speeches. Either you  lapse into jargon or you dumb down your message so people will “get it.”

There’s a better way. I help specialists like you get across the excitement of their fields and make them compelling.  Fields like genomics research. Clinical drug trials. Scientific instruments. Information technology.

You can hire me in any of three capacities:

  • I can be your “beta reader,” reviewing something you’ve written, making sure it’s grammatically correct, and bringing it to life.
  • I can work with you on an article or a speech.
  • Or, I can take on whole projects start to finish: speeches, articles, web copy

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